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Ooooo...some free time

I'm at work...on a Saturday! I'm scanning pictures for the collection that I'm working on; it's pretty tedious. Hardly anyone is here today, On. A. Saturday. But such is the craptacular existence that is my life right now that I have to be in order to maky up hours. Okay, actually things aren't that bad but having to get up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning is just wrong I tell ya'.

Right as I was about to poke out my eyes from boredom I remember that I should update.

Well, I'll go into more depth later but I will say that I just can't get our new housemate (I always want to say roommate, but that's not entirely correct, but saying housemate just makes me want to say flatmate, which is British and cool, so maybe I'll henceforth refer to those I live with as flatmates
Glass Case of Emotion

I love this house

After an ass of a day, I come home and dump myself on my bed. Then I get invited to a gourmet dinner with John, his adorable daughter, Georgie, and Kirstry.
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Last night I dreamt a crazy yet simply-to-understand dream. Usually, my dreams are all over my subconscious, and I can never pinpoint exactly which of my conscious struggles are being analysed. I love that. Those dreams are great. Lately, I haven't been sleeping too good so maybe that's the problem. Still, this dream was about as difficult to understand as those that the 'Dream Doctor' discusses on his radio program: ie, not at all.

And I'm still tired. I think I must suffer from insomnia, or maybe sleep apnea. Yeah, that's it.
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Awful, Heinous, Loathsome...And all other adjectives for "f***ing terrible!"

Okay, so I finally stopped crying after 10 minutes of openly weeping. Go here to find out why:

Sorry, but I'm going to keep ranting for the extent of this journal.

I just happened to find this website--I don't remember how I got there--with all of these environmental petitions to sign. Save the rainforest; save the coral reefs; save the ozone: I figured they were all pretty much like that, noble and woth signing but nothing out of the ordinary. Then I saw one that caught my attention. "We demand justice for tiger killer!"

Basically, one sick and malicious individual--and who, I might add, was supposed to help these beautiful creatures--murdered ove! tigers, 90 adults and over 50 cubs!!! Shit!

Go here and sign the petition to have this *person*(I use that term loosely) prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Let's not allow such a crime go unpunished, or just as bad, with a mere slap on the wrist. Poor Kensington (see above) couldn't get justice because of Canada's archaic animal cruelty penalties (aka none).

Seals: seals with their sealy eyes and sealy fur and plump little bodies; could they get any cuter? However, Canada's laws institutionalize the savage murder and brutal practices--the pups are often (42%) skinned alive--of more than a million seals throughout the next three years. Please! please! sign these two petitions (run by different sites) and help to stop the vicious killings. Remember, every letter helps!

I'll get the URL for the other one soon.
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How exciting!? My second entry--

I couldn't post yesterday because my sister is a perfect witch when it comes to letting me on her computer, the only one in the house to which I have access.

First of all, I must thank demeanor for a snarky Oz icon with Beecher and Keller.

I would now like to write my very first movie review. Ahem, and the lucky flick is..."The Hulk." Yes, "The Hulk," which my sister and I had the bad fortune to witness yesterday afternoon. A most unexpected and unusual financial boon from our mother prompted my sister and me to see a movie. Stupidly, we felt seeing TH might be a good idea. *sigh*

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